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Summer is short in Minnesota so don’t let mosquitoes and ticks force you and your family indoors. Mosquito Shield® is a professionally applied mosquito treatment that kills and repels mosquitoes as well as masks CO2 which attracts mosquitoes. Our vector-trained technicians will treat your common use areas such as pools, decks, patios, and swing sets. Areas where mosquitoes and ticks breed and congregate will be identified on each property and specially targeted.

Mosquito Shield is perfect for any home, but especially homes near woods, lakes, with children, grandchildren or pets, or anyone who loves spending time outdoors. We offer seasonal control and one-time special event services.

How it works: Mosquito Shield is setting the industry standard for mosquito and tick control by utilizing a proprietary blend of ingredients which kills mosquitoes, masks CO2 (which attracts mosquitoes), and repels them away from your property. The treatment adheres to vegetation, wood, and other organic materials. Your property will be treated every 10-17 days on average (subject to weather conditions) and the protection grows stronger with every application.

We monitor both mosquito population and weather conditions, which we all know can change quickly in Minnesota, and adjust our program and formulation as needed. By rotating control products, leveraging proactive scheduling, and using resistance management strategies, we deliver superior results that keep our customers completely satisfied. Don’t wait until mosquitoes and ticks invade your yard! Contact us today by phone at (612) 619-1556 or by emailing us online to get more information or to sign up for service.